Friday, November 12

Is It Cheating???

    Have you ever heard the term "scrap lift"? It basically means that you take a layout that you like and copy it. Remember in high school or junior high when you got a new pair of shoes or a new shirt and you just wanted to wear it everyday because you loved it so much?! Then a week or two later, after everyone had complimented you, another girl showed up in the same outfit?! I won't has happened to me. One year (8th grade?), another girl and I showed up on picture day with the same shirt on! Gasp! I almost wanted to have my pictures re-taken so that we didn't match. However, my mom always told me that it was a compliment to have others like my style so much that they would copy it... still not sure about that mom...haha.
    So, when scrappers "scrap lift" each other, is it cheating? Well, in the scrapbooking world, we really do believe what my mom told me. It is exciting and reassuring when others like what we create and then use it to inspire their own creations! It's one of the greatest compliments that we can get from our peers! 
    Today, I'm going to show you two layouts that I "scrap lifted" and show you that it's not always just about "copying". I have 26 pages of layouts that I have bookmarked on Two Peas in a Bucket and I have a box of pictures that need to get into albums. So, I decided that I would start using some of those layouts as inspiration and "scrap lift" them. The first layout is from lipo on 2Peas.
    I've had these papers and chipboard pieces for probably 6 months or better. They are papers that I like so much that I couldn't decide which pictures I wanted to use them with and I didn't want to cut into them until I knew for sure. I love lipo's layout because it has layering yet it's very symmetrical with the pictures and the papers. For this first example, I literally copied the layout directly to my own with just a few omissions. 

    This second layout also appealed to me because so many of the elements look hand drawn and doodled. This is not something I would typically do but it just looked fun! With this example of scrap lifting, I took pieces of the layout that I liked and used them to inspire my own layout using what I had on hand. This layout is from Megan Klauer on 2Peas.
For my layout, I used the strips of paper at the top and the bottom, the title and the doodling around the letters, the clouds and the stars. My pictures in the bottom right corner are rounded like the numbered paper in the original layout. I also used a grid patterned chipboard to cut out my clouds, that represents the lined/grid background paper. My layout isn't exactly like the original, but it uses many of the same elements. 
From these two examples, you can see that "scrap lifting" isn't always just copying a layout directly and that there are many ways to interpret a layout for inspiration. I hope that you'll take the time to check out these two talented ladies' work on 2Peas and maybe you'll find a layout or two that you'd like to try to "scrap lift"! And don't forget that it isn't cheating to just copy a layout either. It really is a compliment to have others want to do what you can do!
Have a great weekend!


  1. These are great! Love your interpretations!

  2. I really love that you blogged about scraplifting. I scraplift quite a bit because I feel inspired by the work of others. I usually scraplift from folks who have a similar style to mine. It could be the LO or what the LO represents. I actually copied a LO recently; you can find it on my blog

    Scraplifting is fun and creative, and I can't wait till people take my ideas and turn them into amazing projects that work for them :)

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  3. If you are still looking for inspiration to lift, you can always join me at or at where we have scraplift/ inspiration challenges with prizes! I never feel like lifting is copying since everybody always puts their own spin/bit of creativity on it.


  4. I too had a few girls that would copy me. It drove me crazy, actually they still do, I try to brush it off.
    As for scraplifting, or using sketches I feel thay are like a pattern. Knitters, quilters and other crafters follow a pattern why not scrapbookers.

  5. What a cute layout - I love your interpretation on it!

  6. I LOVE scraplifting too! It's great inspiration when I'm having a mental block! LOL