Monday, November 29

Last Week's Layouts

Well, it is now dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home. So, when is a girl supposed to get good pictures of her layouts?! I admit that I got impatient and these first two were taking inside with some bad lighting but since the others weren't done until yesterday morning, they got all the good sunshine yesterday too. 

These next layouts I completed yesterday when a friend and I scrapped all morning at her house. I think that scrapping is kind of like homework because I always get more done when I'm with someone else who is doing the same thing! If I'm at home or by myself, I get distracted but with a friend, I can crank out great pages really fast!

That's the layout fix for this week! I hope to create some more this week and from now on, I'll just be taking pictures on the weekend. I'll be back sometime this week with some Christmas decorations pictures and crafts!


  1. These are fantastic...but the one I love best is the Naughty Girl layout!!!!

  2. Those are great layouts! My favorite is also the Naughty Girl layout!! :)

  3. You've been busy!! Love the layouts of Mya- the Naughty Girl one is fabulous!