Tuesday, January 18

My Next Big Project!

First, some background information. We have been living in our home for 1 1/2 years. Before that, it was a run-down farm house that used to be my fiancĂ©'s grandparents' and we remodeled it before we moved in October 2009. We have slowly been buying pieces to replace our college furniture and make it a more grown-up home. Last night we put up the last book shelf in the living room and our new entertainment center looks amazing with our new TV and new couches! 
Now, I've already been getting crazy ideas about decorating and designing a new office in the porch! We only have 3 bedrooms, one of which is now the office. But, we have a huge closed in porch! The problems, it's a super long, narrow L-shape, it is all white and I can't paint the walls because they are all connected to each other,  and it has painted cement floors which make it very cold. 
My plan is to finish the entry way, creating a sitting area in the corner of the L and then at the end of the longest part, I want to put an office and an extra sleeping area for guests. My idea right now is to put the bed down at the end where I can hang a curtain to close it off and then put the office right next to it. I want to share my inspiration with you and hopefully if anyone has any suggestions for my long and skinny space you can help me!


 Our room is skinny like this and has windows facing outside and into the house like this too.
 I'm considering putting the desk more in the middle of the room so that we can face out the window instead of at a wall.
 This is a great example of the curtain/bedroom concept that I want to accomplish. I've also considered a day bed for the seating area but it will only sleep one person...
I would love to do this to the ceiling! I really want to do beadboard on the walls with trim too but we already have the industrial plastic baseboard on the walls...glued on...

Tell me what you think, send me links to anything that might help me or sign me up for one of those decorating shows! haha, but seriously...I need help with my space!

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