Thursday, January 27

I'm in Love!!!

...and I wish I lived in Utah! I just found this amazing furniture/house blog this morning! It's called {show&tell} and she sells her furniture, but only to people in Utah. I guess I'm just going to have to get busy and learn how to do some of this myself! 
I've found a building plan for a desk for my office space, so I need to start on that. I also want to paint, distress, and glaze an old winged table to put in our kitchen area. And, I've decided that since the porch is cement floors, I'm bring the old dresser project inside. I can't stand the cold anymore and don't want to wait for it to warm up to finish this piece of furniture. 
Oh, and I'm starting tonight! I get all these ideas and then I never do any of them. I need to find my motivation and put to use all this creativity! 
Be back soon...

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  1. Christy - Thanks for sharing this on your blog! I live in Utah and I am so excited to check all of her stuff out! I just looked at both of her blogs {briefly} and she has some great stuff.
    There's another couple that does the same stuff in Idaho, their blog is
    Have fun with your furniture you're working on!!
    :) -S