Wednesday, December 22

*Let It Snow!!!*

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!!!
Oh, how I hope that we have at least an inch or two for Christmas. I always dream of white Christmases and last year we definitely had it but this year is so brown and gray. There is a chance tonight so I'm crossing my fingers! It has been busy around our house, buying and wrapping presents, making and delivering cookies and I came down with a cold on Saturday. So, mostly since then I've been taking it easy. I have been taking a few pictures here and there for my December Daily but I know I have stories I want to include that I can take pictures for later. I have also decided that I will work on the actual pages after Christmas. It was a bit too much for me to do all at once and still actually enjoy the season. However, I would like to share a few of those pictures with you!
Our Christmas Card picture
Working on Christmas cards
Birthday cupcakes
Chad and Mya with a pheasant
That is all I have to share today! Hope you enjoyed the little recap of my last week. Can't wait to finish my DD after the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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  1. Those are my favorite brushes too. I hope you have a great christmas girly. Crossing my fingers for white christmas for both of us.