Thursday, February 4

kits???...what is a kit club?...oh...yay for KITS!!

I'm a terrible shopper when it comes to picking out scrapbook stuff, be it stamps, embellishments, lettering, stickers, paper ...whatever! I always feel like I'm spending too much money on all this stuff and I usually end up buying only paper and no fun stuff! So, I got to looking around and realized that there are things called kit clubs where someone puts together a bunch of great stuff that goes together and you can get this kits sent to you every month for about 30 bucks or so. After "researching", I found the one that I like!!!

I'm really loving this and getting so much inspiration from their designers on how to use the kits for scrapbooking and for really fun projects! I'm pretty excited about it! Oh and right now they are having a Blog Hop where you get the chance to actually win their February kit!

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  1. Christy, thought I would come by and say hello and thanks for signing up for my blog giveaway. I love club kits its nice for someone else to do the work for you and you just put it together LOL. I love Studio Calico kits, you should check them out. TTYS !!!