Friday, January 29

One Step Forward, One Step Back

Blogging has commenced, although I'm considering using the Google based blogs that I have seen other people use. I have no idea how to put pictures, links, layout, or anything on Two Peas. I have asked for help so we will see what I can figure out. 
Taking pictures of my layouts failed miserably. I figured I couldn't use flash because it made my pictures shiny but then without flash a lot of the pictures turned out blurry. I did what I could but when I got them on my computer, they all looked terrible. Then when I did try to upload to my layout gallery, I couldn't get anything to up.
I have found challenges that I want to follow. BOS, Sketch This!, 101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies, Page Maps, Multi-photo Challenge, Debt Free Divas, and Pokey Peas. These are my interests right now so I will try to follow two or three of them and then see how that goes. I'm really excited about this so I can get some motivation! (all challenges can be found on the Two Peas website)
And...I now have a full counter top to put in my basement! (if I ever get it cleaned out) Right now the basement is all cement walls and dirty and still has tools from the remodel all over. 

But, my mom and dad had a counter top put in our basement at home at desk level for us kids to do homework and crafts on when we were little. Now that we're all older and not living at home they want to take it out. Mom said last night that I could have it! It is an L shape and is about 6 feet long on both sides. So, I am completely envisioning a scrap space that will totally be all girly and my alone time spot. 
One step forward, one step back. Hopefully I get my layout problems solved and I will be one happy camper.


  1. Hi Christy - welcome to blog world :)
    Have fun...

  2. I can envision your beautiful girly scrapbooking space.

    I just started my blog in the new year.
    Come and visit me.