Thursday, February 25

Toby & the tiger

This is my puppy Toby in August 2007. I bought him the stuffed tiger so he would have a friend when I brought him home. He destroyed it and we had to resew, restuff, and try to resuscitate it but we eventually couldn't bring it back to life. It was probably his favorite toy to this day. He was so cute because it was almost as big as he was. I made all the little flowers at the bottom with my cricut and pop dots. I also love the dog buttons that I found and glued on here as well.


  1. Cute layout. Now, please send me your puppy. :) Really, so cute. Isn't it funny how they have "favorite" toys?

  2. Cute! I love layouts about puppies. I have two of my own and have had to re-sew many favorite things.

  3. oh my word!!! how cute is this!! our pup is adorable! :)