Wednesday, January 9

Christmas Eve & a Freebie

This year for Christmas Eve, I knew that I wanted to spend it at my mom and dad's house. I wanted to go to Christmas Mass and get a dress for Kalli to wear. It's also my baby brother's birthday on the 24th so we always have supper and some sort of birthday desert.
Well, church went really well and Kalli slept through the whole mass but she didn't get to wear her cute Christmas dress. She was sleeping before we left and I just couldn't wake her up just to change her clothes. So here's a layout I made of Chad, Kalli and me in front of the Christmas tree after church. Her outfit was still pretty cute though!
I used The Scarlett Papers & Elements from the Ardent Sparrow at Pixels and Co. and a freebie template from Crystal Livesay Designs. You can grab this freebie all through January over at her Facebook page.
Check it out here!

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