Saturday, January 12

Project Life 2013

I'm participating in Project Life this year!!! I figure it will be easier than making layouts for ALL of the pictures that we will be taking of Kalli. :D I still plan on doing layouts of our favorite pictures but I like the style of more of a photo album where all the pictures are just in "page protectors". I use quotes because I'm doing PL all digital. I'm not going to write a whole lot about each week and I'm not promising that the weeks will all get done on time. I'm doing Monday-Sunday and will just do one or two pages as it seems appropriate. I'll still post them all here but if you want to look at the whole album as one, I'm going to post them to my PL 2013 page too. (it's up there at the top as a page now) So here's my intro layout and hello 2013!!!

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