Wednesday, October 5

New Headbands

Geez, it's been a while since I posted! We had a great weekend in Wisconsin and lots of fun before the game but since we lost, the game itself wasn't that big of a thrill...bummer! Anyways, after that long road trip I've been busy here at home. I did a big clean on Monday night and last night I had some friends over for a little Scentsy party. Chad is out in the field so I will be filling my evenings with projects again and hopefully I'll have something to post soon. In the mean time...
I have two new Halloween headbands in the shop! Don't worry, there's plenty of time to still get them in time for Halloween. I'll stop taking orders for Halloween on the 19th so that I can make them and get them shipped. Just click on the pictures to go to the store!
A week or so ago, I had a special request from a friend who needed some headbands to match her little girls' outfits for a wedding. These are the cute shirts that they wore. 
And, this is the headband that I came up with and I made 2 for her girls. They turned out really cute and the littlest, who is 8 months old, wore hers to our house last night for the party. I added some cute buttons to the rolled flower headband to bring in some color and make it fun! These are customizable so just message me if you want buttons added to your rolled flower headband and what colors.


  1. Those halloween headbands are cool! :)

  2. love those! Off to check out your etsy site :)