Sunday, October 9

New Options!

Hi everybody! I've had quite a few requests for some other options on how to wear the flowers that I sell in my Etsy shop. I knew that I eventually wanted to add these options and since so many of you asked for it, I knew now was the time to make them available. You can now order your flowers with an elastic headband, a regular headband, a clip (great for your hair or on a scarf or shirt) and a pin (also great on scarves or clothes)! 
There's no change in price, just pick which option you want at checkout! I hope that this makes it much easier for many of you to wear your flowers in many different and fun ways. I also just wanted to remind you quick that October 19th is the last day to order any of the Halloween flowers! I'll be putting up some fall flowers this week and start on Christmas flowers soon!

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