Tuesday, May 10

Circle of Friends

Do you have a close circle of friends? You know, the group of people that you do everything with. The whole group gets together for supper for no reason, you have holiday parties and these are the people who are ALWAYS there, you go to their kids' birthday parties and you love hanging out with them! Well, I have a group of friends like that! I didn't meet them on my own though, they were Chad's friends first. But after the 3 years that we've been together, these ladies have become wonderful friends to me and have welcomed me into their circle. 
I found a wonderful layout by iemom on 2Peas in a Bucket and I loved the title. Here is my layout about my (future) husband's friends wives. I used the new Circle of Friends kit by Polka Dot Pixels. You can find all the links by clicking on the pictures. Thanks for stopping by today!

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