Friday, July 2


Alright it's my last day of things that "make me happy"! And because it's Friday, I've got some really good ones! 
Chad loves cake...but I love cupcakes!!! (I know they're basically the same thing...) One of his cousins and I made Fourth of July cupcakes last night and they are sooo yummy!

It's the 4th of July weekend! Probably my favorite holiday behind Christmas. I can't wait to see more family and have lots of great food and set off some fireworks! 
Boating, skiing, camping, campfires and smores!!! Just some of the wonderful things that I love about summer and the 4th of July! There's just something about stripping away the TV, internet, cell phones (and showers?) that really makes you appreciate nature and the company that you keep. Ok, I'm kidding about the showers....there will be showers at our camp site so don't get all weirded out that we're gonna all smell awful or something. This will also be Mya's first time at the lake and I'm so excited to see her take to the water! 

Oh, one last thing that is making me happy today?! Our wedding day is exactly one year from today! :D I'll be back next week with pictures of our adventure! Anyone have any fun or special traditions that they'll be doing this weekend? Be safe!


  1. Mmm...cupcakes! I just Homer Simpsoned a bit! Happy 4th!