Wednesday, July 28

It Just Fell Between the Cracks...

All that I've wanted to share with you that is! I have been doing a few creative things but it's hard when there's so much to do outside. Well on one of those hot days, I stayed indoors and made this vinyl word art for our wall. It's been an idea in my head for a long time and the words are just perfect since we remodeled and built new walls and did a lot of work on our home ourselves. 
I've also been meaning to share pictures of our new furniture! I know there are a few girls over at 2Peas that have been asking me to share so finally (since we got them on July 13th), here are our first pieces of adult furniture!

So, there you go! I'm finally sharing a little bit of what I've been doing all summer long! Next on my list is to take pictures of some of the layouts I've done and to share pics from the zoo with you! Have a great Wednesday!

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