Tuesday, June 29


Welcome to my  second "makes me happy" post! Not too much to share because I cleaned and did a lot of work around the house last night...which then equaled quite a crabby mood. However, I felt better later because of this...
Leftover birthday ice cream cake!!!....Awesome!

and this...
Love watching this show! I know it's just another reality TV show and most of them are crazy but I just get sucked in! I got to relax last night while watching Ali yell at that crazy boy Justin! lol!

What's making you happy today?!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh - isn't that Bachelorette show just a hoot?!!! I want to know what the drama involving Frank is going to be now!

    Was it your birthday? If so, happy belated birthday! (I've been away, so I'm clueless!)