Monday, June 28

"Makes Me Happy"

Hello blog land! Alright so this week has started off a little rough and is only going to get rougher! A window on my Jeep won't roll up and down anymore and it's going to cost around $200 to fix it! I also just scheduled our puppy for surgery to get spayed so that is kind of sad to me. And....on Tuesday we will have 5 lovely girls staying at our house for about a week. Chad's family from Idaho comes down every 4th of July and since our house is done this year, the girls will be at our house. Ages 8? - 17 all in one house! 

In honor of my crazy-to-be week, I'm going to share a few things every day that make me happy! I will try to keep a positive attitude even with lots of chaos going on. So here are my Monday's worth of "makes me happy."

We're working on planning our wedding for next July! This picture will be the inspiration for the flowers and the coral color makes me very happy to be planning and having fun with it all!

We're grilling salmon and steak tonight for supper! mmmm....enough said!

Ok, this one may not make most people all that happy but I just installed 4 of these on our enclosed porch yesterday and they keep it soooo much cooler in there! We also got the base trim on and the porch is now a finished living space that I love!

See you tomorrow for some more "makes me happy" moments!


  1. Love the bouquet and the colors for a July wedding!