Friday, January 29

My Blog Begginning

   I have been scrapping for a while now but have always just google searched for inspiration. I found a wonderful sight through facebook and a friend and I'm am a million % more motivated and inspired now. After discovering Two Peas in a Bucket, my free time has been filled with nothing but scouring their site for ideas, inspiration, challenges (also a new concept to me), new products and all sorts of fun stuff. I decided that I needed to blog. I started blogging on their site yesterday but I also wanted to share other ideas and creative stuff so I started this blog. I also decided there are many other things related to scrapping that I want to accomplish so here is my list of goals:
1.     Blog
2.     Take pictures of all of my layouts that are already done and upload
3.     Find a handful of blogs/challenges to follow regularly
(this gives me motivation and inspiration)
4.     Get my basement cleaned and semi-finished so that I have a place to scrapbook other than the dining room table

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