Thursday, July 21

Giggles & Grins

Hi everyone! We're back from our honeymoon and Alaska was amazing! We loved all of our excursions and the scenery was beautiful. The ship, not so much. We're very active, outdoors, do something kind of people so it was hard to be shut up on a ship with 3,000 other people. Chad has all of our pictures on his computer and he won't be back until tonight, so for now here's one that he put on Facebook. This is us in the helicopter ride over the mountains and glaciers before we landed and went dog sledding.
Since our sleep patterns are kind of messed up since we've been back, I stayed up last night to play with a new kit from Karen Funk. Catching up on CT assignments is going to be tough but with all the cute stuff they are coming up with, I'm sure I'll be back on track in no time. This weeks kit from Karen is called Giggles & Grins and is being release in the Design House Digital shop today! Here's the kit preview and the page that I created with it. Hope you go over and check it out!
Oh, one more may have noticed that my blog has said "under construction" for quite some time. I'm still mulling in my head what I want to do but I'm thinking I may start from scratch and create a new blog. What I need to know is, what interests you the most? Posts with layouts, projects, family news, pictures or something else? It would help me a lot to know what you guys would like to read about! Also, does anyone have any tips for coming up with a creative but original blog name?
Thanks! Have a great day!

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