Saturday, September 25

Weekend Wedding Projects

It's been cold and wet out so far this weekend so today I've been inside working on wedding stuff. I know, I still have 9 months left but I would love to get it all done and then just relax, enjoy the holiday this winter and scrap my little heart out. So here's what I've been working on...
 My living room today.
 Boutonnieres that are finished so far. I've just been pulling the leaves off of the rose stems and hot gluing them behind the rose. Then I've been wrapping in these bead stems. I love how they're turning out. Their also super easy to make!
 These are for the ushers. My baby brother(13) is allergic to latex so I had to get the silk flowers for these instead of the real touch flowers.
 These are for our dads, his grandpa and our 2 ring bearers.
 And this is my bouquet!!! I just mixed the orchids and the ivory roses together with some jewel stems and wrapped the bouquet in ivory satin ribbon. I might add a little bling to the wrap later.


  1. Ohhh these are beautiful Christy.

  2. I saw your blog on Two Peas. I am ksimoner over there. Your flowers are very good. You should go into business. The flowers look so real! Wedding planning is so fun and I am glad you are enjoying it. I hope to check back here to see how it is coming along. Keep having fun!
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