Sunday, February 17

First Date

Chad and I got to go out on our first official date since Kalli was born! The wonderful Boone County Hospital gave us a gift certificate when Kalli was born for supper at the Country Club. We decided to use it on Valentine's Day and went to the prime rib and shrimp buffet. We had a few drinks and got to just talk and hang out while Grandpa Lew and Grandma Pam babysat. We took the customary "driving in the car" picture. Ah, reminds me of the old days!
The awesome Valentine's Day kit is The Ruby Papers & Elements from The Ardent Sparrow at Pixels & Co. Hurry quick to grab them while they are still on sale for your Valentine's Day pages! 

Also, I have to share this adorable picture of our little family. Kalli has on the cutest V-day outfit...some red stripe pants with a red ruffly skirt and a red and teal heart t-shirt! *love*

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