Thursday, February 10

It's Printing Time

Happy Thursday! I have a link for you today that you may have already seen but I am super happy about it today. I am new to the digital scrapbooking world. So, I have played around in PSE8 and I've made a handful of pages. Printing is another story. So many digi scrappers talk about where they print, how often they print or if they print at all, but I wouldn't be scrapping these pictures if I didn't want to look at them, so I knew that I would want to print out my layouts. Well, right now is having a great sale on 12x12 prints! Check it out here.

This is one of the layouts that I ordered this morning. I have almost finished scrapping all my printed pictures so I wanted to go back through my files on my computer and see which pictures I might have missed. I found these WAY back in the 8th grade high school folder! This is my best friend, Ashley and I. So many great memories!
I can't wait to get my layouts in the mail and put them in my albums! It will be my first time having a digi page printed and I'm excited to actually hold the layout in my hands! Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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