Thursday, May 13

Handy & Crafty DIY Me!

Hi! I've been missing for a little bit now but I've also been busy. You've seen the little creations I made during NSD weekend and since then I've been busy making cards of all things! I made 2 for mother's day, a get well card last night and need to do some graduation cards tonight. I'm still working on getting my week in the life album put together but thought I could share a peek at my main page.
I've also been busy cutting and staining woodwork for our porch. I'd really love to get it finished and then put some nice shades up and get furniture in there. It would be a great place to read a book and relax this summer. I'm planning on getting really ambitious and making this...
Ana over at Knock-Off Wood is amazing when it comes to building your own furniture!!! My to-do list goes on and on and hopefully I will get a lot of new furniture this way...and it's way more affordable than buying it! I have actually already made one piece from her collection of plans...remember that layout for my bf's little sister? I made this frame and stained it last night and I can't wait to give it to her tonight when we get together for Grey's Anatomy!

Knock-Off Wood
Have a wonderful Thursday! Do you have any stories about DIY projects? Good, bad or funny I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Wow - you're into furniture, too? Is there anything you can't do? ;)

    Your sister is gonna love that frame.